Why Do Christians Still Need Counseling?

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Christian Counseling

In some cases people’s emotions are bruised enough after coming to the Lord that they need counseling on a one on one level that their pastor cannot provide.  In many cases, spiritual redemptive regeneration erases deep-seated trauma or negative memories.  When it doesn’t, it can be often traced to a misunderstanding of in-born temperament.    

It is entirely appropriate for Christians to seek faith-based counseling. 

Faith-based counseling is not be be confused with traditional secular counseling.  Secular counseling uses as a model the template that all human beings are born as blank slates and as a result are molded completely by society into “society’s model” through external stimuli (eg:  immediate family or other external environmental factors).  The problem with this view is that it leaves out individual in-born temperament given each person at birth

Our temperaments are God-given attributes to each of us.  From birth our differences in temperament causes every person to react differently to one from another to different stimuli.  Temperament can be rightly called a genetic fingerprint of God in our lives.  Faith-based counseling operates on the premise that we are not born as blank slates but rather as individuals created in the image of God with temperaments unique to each person.  By understanding temperament we can understand why we react and behave in the manner we do. 

Temperament Therapy has a proven track record of success and will help those looking for it find emotional and spiritual wellness.


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